What should I watch tonight?

Recommendations on the age old question of 'What should I watch tonight?'

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This week's recommendation: Kajillionaire


Find your "movie mood"

Not sure how to get started on what to watch? Below we've put together lists based on the type of movie mood you might be in.

Image from top movie Uncle Frank

The best movies of 2020

One of the sparse years of new releases, but 2020 managed to produce some great films and I've compiled all of them.

Image from movie Blow the Man Down

Crime movies for true crime fans

If you're like me –a true crime junky, a muderino, a Law & Order enthusiast– then this is the list of films for you.

Image from top movie Empire of the Sun

W2W2night's top movies of all time

These are hands down the best movies out there, some well-known, some underatted, every-single-one you've got to see!

Image from Netflix movie 20th Century Women

Best movies on Netflix right now

It's never been easier to find a great movie, visit my updated list the best movies out to watch on Netflix.

Image from guy movie The Town

"Guy movies" everyone will like

Looking for a compromise? This list is sure to make everyone happy, even if action, westerns, or super hero franchises aren't your thing– you'll like these movies.

Image from emotional drama movie White Oleander

Emotionally dramatic films

Got a case of the feels? These emotional dramatic movies are for when you want something serious and thought provoking, at the same time as something entertaining.

Image from movie Blow the Man Down

Coziest holiday themed movies

These are the movies you'll want to watch with a fire and glass of wine to kick off the holidays.

Image from movie Practical Magic

90's Fall movies

Something about this time of year that makes me want to watch 90's movies and with so many set during the fall it only seems appropriate to compile a list of 90's fall flicks.

Image from movie Silent House

Halloween picks

It's here! Spooky season is upon us, these are my favorite Halloween picks with a variety of scary and not so scary films perfect for the best movie season.

Image from psycho thriller movie Fear

Psychological thrillers

The most underated category of films, these movies will surprise you with twists and turns, and leave you thinking about them long after they end.

Image from movie School Ties

Coming of age films

The movies that define the moments from childhood to adulthood, guaranteed to bring back some nostagia on this list.