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Title Where to stream Year Category Rating
20th Century Women Netflix 2016 Quirky independent, drama R
About a Boy Hulu, Prime, STARZ 2002 Holiday, dark comedy R
A Most Violent Year Hulu, Prime (free) 2014 Guy movies, even I like, Crime R
Adventureland Hulu, Prime (free), STARZ 2009 Coming of age, summer R
All I Wanna Do Prime (free) 1998 Coming of age, girl power PG-13
America's Sweethearts STARS, Rent Prime 2001 Corny but good PG-13
Australia Hulu 2008 Adventure PG-13
Away We Go Rent Prime, STARS 2009 Feel good R
Bad Education HBO Max 2019 Dark comedy, drama TV-MA
Bernie Youtube (free) 2011 Quirky independent, Dark comedy, Crime PG-13
Big Chill Rent Prime 1983 Nostalgic, Dark comedy R
Big Sick Prime (free) 2017 Corny but good, quirky indie R
Black Panther Disney + 2018 Guy movies, even I like PG-13
Blackkklansman Prime (free) 2018 Guy movies, even I like R
Blow the Man Down Prime (free) 2019 Dark comedy, Crime R
Blue Jasmine Prime (free) 2013 Dark comedy PG-13
Body Heat HBO Max 1981 Nostalgic, Crime R
Bone Collector Hulu, Prime (free), STARZ 1999 Psychological thriller, Crime R
Boys on the side Rent Prime 1995 Girl power R
Bull Durham Rent Prime 1988 Summer, drama R
Changeling Hulu, Prime (free), STARZ 2008 Psychological drama, Crime R
Charlotte Gray Rent Prime 2001 Drama PG-13
Country Strong Prime (free) 2010 Corny but good PG-13
Crazy Stupid Love Hulu, Prime (free), HBO Max 2011 Corny but good PG-13
Dead Poets Society Rent Prime 1989 Coming of age PG
Dean Netflix 2016 Dark comedy PG-13
Dirty Dancing Rent Prime 1987 Summer, nostalgic, Coming of age PG-13
Django Unchained Netflix 2012 Guy movies, even I like R
Don't Think Twice Hulu, Prime (free), STARZ 2016 Quirky independent, dark comedy R
Double Jeopardy Netflix 1999 Psychological thriller, Crime R
Election HBO Max, Prime (free) 1999 Dark comedy, 90's fall R
Empire of the Sun Rent Prime 1987 Drama, Coming of age PG
Father of the Bride Rent Prime 1991 Corny but good, 90's fall PG
Fear Rent Prime 1996 Psychological thriller R
Flamingo Kid Youtube 1984 Coming of age, summer, nostalgic PG-13
Florida Project Netflix 2017 Emotional drama R
Foxcatcher Prime (free) 2014 Emotional drama R
Francis Ha Netflix, Prime (free) 2012 Quirky independent, dark comedy, Coming of age R
Fried Green Tomatoes Rent Prime 1991 Girl power, summer, drama PG-13
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Hulu, Prime (free) 1985 Corny but good, Feel good PG
Gone Baby Gone Hulu, Prime (free), STARZ 2007 Emotional drama, Crime R
Gone Girl Hulu 2014 Psychological thriller R
Grand Torino Cinemax go 2008 Guy movies, even I like R
Happiest Season Hulu 2020 Holiday PG-13
Head Over Heels Rent Prime 2001 Corny but good PG-13
Heartbreakers Netflix 2001 Dark comedy PG-13
Hearts BeatLoud Hulu 2018 Feel good, quirky independent PG-13
Hell or High WaterH Prime (free) 2016 Guy movies, even I like R
Hidden Figures Hulu 2016 Feel good, girl power PG
I, Tonya Hulu 2017 Dark comedy, Based on true events R
Identity Hulu 2003 Psychological thriller R
I'm Your Woman Prime (free) 20202 Top 2020, Crime R
In a World Hulu, Prime (free), HBO Max 2013 Quirky independent, dark comedy R
In America Hulu 2002 Drama PG-13
Inside Out Disney + 2015 Feel good PG
IT (2017) Rent Prime 2017 Horror R
Jeff Who Lives at Home Prime (free) 2011 Quirky independent R
Just Friends Rent Prime 2005 Holiday, dark comedy PG-13
King of Staten Island HBO Max 20202 Top 2020, Dark comedy R
Lady Bird Netflix 2017 Quirky independent, girl power, Coming of age R
Love Actually Rent Prime 2003 Holiday R
Lady in the Water Rent Prime 2006 Psychological thriller PG-13
Leave No Trace Prime (free), Hulu, STARZ, Sling 2018 Adventure, Emotional drama PG
Love and Basketball Rent Prime 2000 Corny but good PG-13
Love and Mercy Hulu, Prime (free) 2014 Based on true events, Emotional drama PG-13
Man on the Moon Prime (free), Youtube (free), Rent Prime 1991 Coming of age PG-13
Manchurian Candidate Hulu, Prime (free) 2004 Psychological thriller R
Mermaids Prime (free) 1990 Nostalgic PG-13
Mid 90s Prime (free) 2018 Coming of age R
Misbehaviour Rent Prime 20202 Top 2020, Based on true events Not rated
Molly's Game Rent Prime 2017 Drama, Based on true events R
Mona Lisa's Smile Rent Prime 2003 Corny but good, girl power PG-13
Moonlight Netflix 2016 Emotional drama R
Mr. Brooks Rent Prime 2007 Psychological thriller R
Mud Netflix 2012 Guy movies, even I like, Psychological drama PG-13
Mystic Pizza Hulu, Prime (free) 1988 Coming of age, nostalgic R
ystic RiverM Cinemax go 2003 Psychological drama, Emotional drama R
Now and Then Rent Prime 1995 Girl power, summer, nostalgic PG-13
Obvious Child Rent Prime, Hulu, Showtime 2014 Dark comedy R
Other People Netflix 2016 Dark comedy R
Palm Springs Hulu 2020 Dark comedy R
Parasite Hulu 2019 Dark comedy R
Penelope Youtube (free) 2007 Feel good PG
Pieces of April Hulu, Prime (free) 2003 Emotional drama PG-13
Practical Magic Rent Prime 1998 Fantasy, Corny but good, 90's fall PG-13
Prisoners Hulu 2013 Emotional drama, Crime R
Rainmaker Rent Prime 1997 Psychological drama, Crime PG-13
Room Hulu 2015 Emotional drama R
Runaway Bride Rent Prime 1999 Corny but good, 90's fall PG-13
School Ties Hulu, Prime (free), STARZ 1992 Coming of age PG-13
Short Term 12 Vudu 2013 Emotional drama, Indie R
Side Effects Prime (free) 2013 Psychological drama, Crime R
Signs Hulu 2002 Horror PG-13
Silent House Hulu, Prime (free), Starz 2011 Horror, Psychological thriller R
Sleeping with the Enemy Hulu 1991 Psychological thriller R
Sleepy Hollow Netflix, Hulu 1999 Fantasy, 90's fall R
Split Rent Prime 2016 Horror PG-13
Soul Disney + 20202 Top 2020, Feel good PG
Spotlight Netflix 2015 Drama, Based on true events R
Stand by Me Hulu, Prime (free) 1986 Coming of age, summer R
Station Agent Hulu, Prime (free) 2003 Independent, drama R
Step Mom Rent Prime 1998 Emotional drama, Corny but good, 90's fall PG-13
Sunshine Cleaning Prime (free) 2008 Quirky independent, Dark comedy R
Teen Witch Hulu, Prime (free), HBO Max 1989 Quirky independent PG-13
The Craft Hulu, Prime (free) 1996 Thriller, Psychological thriller R
The Family Stone Hulu 2005 Holiday, drama PG-13
The Gift Prime (free) 2000 Psychological thriller R
The Help Netflix 2011 Feel good PG-13
The Illusionist Prime (free), Vudu, Sling 2006 Drama PG-13
The Kings of Summer Rent Prime 2013 Coming of age, summer R
The Lincoln Lawyer Netflix 2011 Guy movies, even I like R
The Lost Husband Netflix 2020 Corny but good PG-13
The Namesake Rent Prime 2006 Emotional drama PG-13
The Nest Rent Prime 20202 Top 2020, Drama R
The Others Hulu, Prime (free), HBO Max 2001 Horror PG-13
The Talented Mr. Ridley Hulu, Prime (free), HBO Max 1999 Psychological thriller R
The Town Netflix 2010 Guy movies, even I like R
The Uninvited Rent Prime 2009 Horror PG-13
The Untouchables Hulu 1987 Guy movies, even I like R
The Upside of Anger  Rent Prime 2005 Dark comedy R
The Way Way Back Rent Prime 2013 Coming of age, summer PG-13
To All the Boys I Loved Before Netflix 2018 Corny but good PG-13
True Grit Hulu 2010 Guy movies, even I like R
Tully Rent Prime 2018 Dark comedy R
Unbreakable Hulu 2000 Psychological thriller PG-13
Uncle Frank Prime (free) 20202 Top 2020, Feel good R
Waitress Rent Prime 2007 Quirky independent, Dark comedy PG-13
What Lies beneath Hulu, Prime (free) 2000 Psychological thriller PG-13
What We Do in the Shadows Rent Prime 2014 Dark comedy R
White Oleander Hulu, Prime (free), HBO Max 2002 Emotional drama PG-13
Wind River Rent Prime 2017 Crime, Psychological drama R
Winter's Bone Hulu, Prime (free), HBO Max 2010 Emotional drama R
Year of the Dog Rent Prime 2007 Quirky independent PG-13
You've Got Mail Rent Prime 1998 Corny but good, Feel good, 90's fall PG